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Manjusri Secondary School
Buddhist Interact Club
6 April 1983
To nurture Buddhist youths to become future leaders
To promote and inculcate Buddhist values in students
To provide opportunities for members to be responsible and compassionate leaders
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Every Mon and Wed 1430 - 1730
Regular Activities
Sign language songs
Dharma Discussion
Movie Screening
Drama lessons
Tea appreciation


2011 BIC Family

Mrs Cheng
Mdm Tan
Law Si Yun
Mak Wei Tin
Marcus Low
Sec 5: Fang.JiaHui, Pei Ching,
Meng Kuan, Amanda, Leona,
Mei Hua
Sec 4: Wen Shi, Regine, Daryl,
Javier, Willis, Wen Feng
Sec 3: Xinti, Wee Kiat, Eric
Min Kiat, Rayner
Sec 2: Lim JiaHui, Li Wei, Elyse,
Tan JiaHui, Hui Bing, Selina
Marcus, Benjamin
Sec 1: Lim Yan Zhi
2010: Hazel,Elysia,Yanye
2007: Qiu Hui, Wan Qing,Yan Ling
Alex, Yeow Chong
2000: Billy

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performance outside school
2006 - NLB for Book Launch of Mr Tan Swie Hien
2007 - Competition at Tzu Chi Foundation
2008 - Orchard Vesak Celebration
2008 - KMSPKS Gratitude Concert
2008 - KMSPKS 大悲心大愿力 Concert
2008 - SHINE Official Launch
2008 - Competition at Tzu Chi Foundation (26 July)
2009 - Orchard Vesak Celebration

sign language songs from Tzu Chi

NYBC - Silver Awards (2009, 2010)
Sign Language songs competitions
- 2 Silvers Awards (2007)
- 1 Silver Award + 1 Consolation Award (2008)

National Day Inter-CCA MTV Competition 07
- Special Mentioned Award

Vist to Jamiah Children's Home
Cleaning the Beach
Distributing Flyers for collection of old newspapers
Folding stars for Charity - SHINE Project

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    BIC Farewell Outing Cum BBQ / Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    BIC Farewell Outing Cum BBQ

    Date: 8 June 2011
    Venue: East Coast Park Pit 18
    Time: 4 pm to 8.30 pm

    I painted my dreams at 11:00 PM

    Flag Day for Singapore Association for the Deaf / Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Please sms Mrs Cheng if you want to participate.

    I painted my dreams at 9:54 PM

    Sec 1 Buddhist Camp 2011 / Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Wow! Finally the camp is over. It was a very big SUCCESS. Sec 1 campers enjoyed the camp activities and learnt good values. We must thank all the Organisers, GLs, Seniors Yeow Chong, Qiu Hui, Su Hiang, Wan Qing, Yan Ling, our teacher volunteers Mr Lee Teck Chaw, Mdm Tan Yi Hui and all Lovely Sec 1 campers. Without your hardwork and the full participation, we will not have such a successful camp.

    We would like to thank SBM Youth for lending us the well-loved Nerf guns and Zeming for lending us his camera. Of course, not forgetting the guidance they gave to our members. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

    Photographs will be uploaded once they are compiled...

    I painted my dreams at 7:11 PM

    2011 / Monday, January 3, 2011

    hey people,tomorrow will be start of school,
    wish your have finish your holiday homework,
    and ready for school tomorrow,
    do change your holiday mood back to study mood,everyone really need to work hard this time round..
    that alot people is taking o level this year,
    also alot people have promoted to sec3,
    therefore everyone really need to work double hard this year to achieve your goal..
    tomorrow will be a good start of the year..
    forget whatever unhappiness,bring the joy and have a good start tomorrow!!

    wish all the best to your...!!
    may your be well happy and free from suffering

    study hard(:

    I painted my dreams at 12:03 PM

    Sec 1's Camp Briefing 时的小插曲 / Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    Holiday is almost coming to an end. It's time to prepare for the first and most important event for BIC every year... Yeap, the Sec 1's camp!!! In the middle of the serious meeting, the BIC seniors decide to have something relaxing... Early celebration of SOMEBODY's birthday!
    Perparing the cake for the birthday girl.
    It's an 爱心蛋糕 from the one beside with injured hand, how lovely!
    Arrgh, so many candle to lit up... XD

    "Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~......"

    "I wish......"

    I painted my dreams at 3:54 PM

    Photographs of GL Camp / Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Finally, our well-planned and fun-filled GL Camp was over. Let's revisit the happy moments at the camp. We must thank our senior Yeow Chong, Wen Shi and Javier for planning the activities, Rayner and Wen Feng for logistics, our seniors Leona, Amanda, Yanye and Elysia for their full support in our activities, our senior Yeat Yuan for buying lollipops for us, the full cooperation of all our members, all teachers - Mrs Cheng, Mdm Tan and Mr Lee for their care and support. Last but not least, we must also thank SBM for lending us the powerful Nerf guns to make the camp successful and memorable. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

    Place head here!

    Place hand here!

    Oh no! How to do a H!?


    Our sexy commander!

    Panic Attack! Look for 80 yellow leaves!

    Run! RUNNNN!

    HUH?! Do what?!

    Build your tower!

    Brainstorm brainstorm!

    FAIL moments!

    Most "sotong" award.

    Awesome camp mistress! ^^
    EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT! Nomnomnomnomonom!

    Mdm Tan! :D
    Night mission team!

    Princess Leona loading bullets.

    Camera girl who is holding on to some blur pictures and a blank film. ):
    FAIL moment for night mission!

    Awesome vice chairman!

    War game. (:

    Happy Daryl !
    Group photo of all the campers.
    PKL's gay section. (:
    Organisers disturb.

    Group photo! (:

    I painted my dreams at 1:31 AM

    December Youth Camps Information / Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    Dear members,

    There are a lot of interesting activities in the holidays. You are strongly encouraged to attend the talks by famous Ajahn Brahm and a youth camp. The details of some of the activities as follows:

    (1) Public Talks by Ajahn Brahm @ Singapore Buddhist Lodge, 17 Kim Yam Road

    (2) Camp Ehi-Passiko

    (3) Mega Youth December Camp

    (4) 3 Days Youth Meditation Retreat

    I painted my dreams at 10:28 PM


    1. School T-shirts (3 sets, at least one set must be school T-shirt) .
    2. School shorts (3 sets, at least one set must be school PE shorts)
    3. Undergarments.
    4. Toiletries. (Tooth brush, shampoo…)
    5. Towel (1 piece).
    6. Torch light (1 piece)
    7. Stationery (Pen, notepad, …).
    8. School Shoes/Track shoes (1 pair)
    9. Slippers (1 pair)
    10. Sleeping bag (1 set)

    Note: You must come to school in school uniform or school T-shirt on Friday (12 Nov)

    I painted my dreams at 4:57 PM

    BIC GL Camp 12-13 Nov 2010 / Friday, November 5, 2010

    Dear BIC members,

    Don't forget to turn up for our GL Camp from 12 Nov (3 pm) to 13 Nov (5 pm). Please report to Reflection Hall. Packlist will be out soon.

    See you....

    I painted my dreams at 11:50 PM

    Lucks! / Monday, October 25, 2010

    To the seniors that are taking olevels now!
    Jiayou and all the best!

    I painted my dreams at 11:09 PM

    / Saturday, October 2, 2010

    Hellooooo! :D.
    It's the Exam week.
    One paper is down!
    Bic members! Jiayou for exammmms!
    We can do it! :D.
    Let's all jiayou together okay! (:
    All the bestttt.

    I painted my dreams at 10:17 PM

    / Thursday, August 12, 2010

    sorry people that so long dont upload anything
    HAPPY belated NATIONAL DAY(:

    how is everyone,one year really pass by very fast
    now is august already
    exam start again..

    good luck to :
    mengkuan,jiahui,peijin,leona,amanda,elysia,hazel and yanye for your prelim exam
    all the best to your..
    wish your can score well..
    and also the up coming N level and O level exam
    all the best..

    and also good luck to everyone for your up coming common test,
    if im not wrong is today..
    wish your score well
    and achieve flying colour...!!

    do take care yourself during this period of time
    drink more water and eat more fruit to prevent getting sick easily..
    study is important,but health is more important than everything
    take care
    good luck for exam..


    may you be well happy and free from suffering(:

    I painted my dreams at 3:37 PM

    NYBC / Monday, July 5, 2010

    here are some picture....
    This is our booth - Ms Gan came to support us!
    Our NYBC Team
    Photo with the Mentors
    Our Sec 3 came to support us
    Mrs Tay came to give us support
    Our BIC Model wearing our product
    Presenting to VIP

    Mdm Tan is our new teacher-in-charge

    I painted my dreams at 11:11 AM